Collection: PackIt

One container, endless possibilities.

Eliminate the need to carry multiple bulky containers by using the dividers to wall off foods. Best of all, each streamlined, all-in-one container is designed to fit PackIt freezable bags.

In 2019, by popular demand, Packit released a line of innovative food storage containers. Each container is designed to fit into PackIt Lunch Boxes and Bags.

Uniuqe Selling Points:

  1. Made from crystal clear,Ā BPA-free TritanĀ material
  2. TheĀ lids feature snap lock closuresĀ (prevents spill & leaks)
  3. PackIt Food Storage containers featureĀ movable and removable dividers.
  4. PackIt Food Storage Containers areĀ freezable, microwave safe (lid off), and dishwasher safe.